I’ve been contemplating on a blog niche and this really struck me because as a teenager from a conservative Christian family, I always have to be careful of what I wear. My parents never allow me to leave the house in skimpy clothing and I was never comfortable with the idea either. How do you know if your clothing is too revealing? You’ll know when you’re uncomfortable and when you constantly have to fix your blouse or skirt. You’ll know. It’s not that I have anything against people who wear revealing clothing; I think people should have the right to express themselves in any way they want. The thing is, how do you want to be looked at by society? What image do you want to show? The trend nowadays among teenagers is “reveal more, hide less”, but who says we have to go with the flow? I say we can be modest at the same time still look stunning. Let people fall in love with you for your personality – for who you are; not for your body. This doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try to dress up. By all means, look fabulous always. The world is a fashion show and the streets are your runway. Show the world how you can be beautiful without revealing too much 🙂


Chilling with the Cool Kids

Every sunday, our whole family gathers together for sunday lunch (it’s a filipino-chinese kinda thing) and together we create mayhem. Kids running around, teenagers laughing, adults chatting, it’s our thing. This week though we went to visit our grandfather’s ashes and while we waited for our parents to finish talking, we ended up with a spontaneous cousin photo op :))

Matchy-matchy with this cutie!!



Meet the gang :))


My outfit for the day was a purple daisy printed polo from Uniqlo and red jeans from Giordano 🙂

(Sorry I was embarrassed to ask someone to take a solo photo of me, haha I dont know how normal bloggers do it hehe)

Thanks for reading! Keep posted 🙂

The Midi Skirt

The problem with long-leggedness is that it’s difficult to buy a decent skirt. Most skirts in H&M and Forever 21 are quite short so I opted to look for a midi skirt instead. I paired it with a yellow green crop top for a burst of color and a pair of mini-heels as longer skirts tend to make me look shorter.

Yellow green crop top and aquamarine skirt from Apartment 8, shoes from Ledonne